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Canfields Farm

Canfields Farm

Nestled in a quiet corner of rural West Sussex is an award winning cattle farm with multiple dwellings requiring heating.

Technical specification

64kW CTC ground source heat pump

4,000m horizontal ground array

800l DHW tank

800l heating buffer tank


In 2015 isoenergy were contracted to design a ground source heat pump system to supply heat to the dwellings.

The installation was part of a project designed to lower the carbon footprint and ongoing running costs of the site. The owners want to preserve Britain’s agricultural heritage and to help the next generation of farmers by ‘doing their bit’ for a sustainable future. Mindful that cattle farming is a contributor of methane, anything that could be done to offset this would surely be a positive step.

Design work started in October 2015 for a 64kW CTC ground source heat pump to serve all the heating targets on site. This equipment required a new three-phase electricity connection and approximately 4,000m of ground collector, arranged in 150m long trenches.

Since installation, to date the system has an impressive seasonal performance factor of 4.6 : 1. This means that for every kW of electricity put into the heat pump, 4.6kWs are returned for heating and hot water.

In addition to the heat pump installation isoenergy were also able to offer energy consultancy to lower the household bills. By simply negotiating with the electrical supplier, the bills were cut by approximately 30%.

In conjunction with the fuel saving benefiting the owners, there is a reduction of about 45% in carbon emission when compared to the previous oil-fired heating systems. This primary fuel saving compounded with the installation of the heat pump and pre-existing solar PV array, means that this farm can carry on offering its services in a sustainable and economic way.






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