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National Heat Pump Awards - Installer of the Year 2012

Nominated for our work in designing, supplying and installing a system that generates heating and hot water from a heat exchanger located in the former mill wheel pit at a property near Farnham, isoenergy accepted an award at the National Heat Pump Awards presented by Jeremy Vine.

Invited by both Nibe and Viessmann, isoenergy was nominated for four awards and short listed for two.

A great deal of thanks and congratulations are due to all those who worked on the project including our client who had the drive to push for installing renewable energy systems.

We have worked in conjunction with Viessmann and MannPower Consulting to install an Archimedes screw and heat pump system. The screw provides enough electricity to power the two heat pumps.

Not only does this reduce our clients running costs, it generates a payment for returning electricity to the grid. The heat pumps are configured with a heat exchanger to take heat from the water which formerly passed through the mill sluice. The plate heat exchangers are steel plates located in a pit beneath the Archimedes Screw.

If you are interested in installing something similar, please contact us on: 01293 821345 to discuss the possibilities