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Energy Savings Trust - Installation of the Year 2011

isoenergy was awarded "Installation of the Year" by the Energy Saving Trust and NIBE for our work on the Whitbread "Green Hotel" scheme.

This project is the second of Whitbread's "Green Hotels" scheme and builds on the success of the Tamworth Hotel, this time adding the company's first low carbon restaurant into the mix.

The 60kW NIBE ground source heat pump is powered by 10 boreholes, providing simultaneous spatial heating, cooling and hot water in this highly insulated building.

The hotel is constructed of sustainably sourced timber frames and incorporates low flow shower heads, automated intelligent light sensors and low energy lighting, rainwater harvesting for toilet water and sun pipes to increase natural likght.

The benefits to the environment are a 60% carbon reduction in comparison to a normal hotel, 70% reduction in water usage, 100% of toilet water harvested from rainwater and a timber frame from sustainable sources making it carbon neutral, or having no carbon footprint.